Exposing Ibsen

Phew, finally some real progress to report. After what seems like days of dithering (or at least non-research-related tasks), I finally got a solid writing session in today on the Næss/Dahl article. I was able to fill out the “theory” section (which really isn’t very theoretical) on “biographical fiction” (Dennis Kersten’s term, and the one I like best of all the ones suggested in the scholarly literature), do a bit of cleaning up and expanding in the Næss section, and finally get a few paragraphs in place in the Dahl section. It’s exciting to see a glimmer of things taking shape–or rather how these authors try to expose Ibsen’s body. These texts offer some really interesting theoretical problems to tease out, and I think this project just got fun.

I also have to say that I have found the Peter Larsen book on Ibsen and photography super interesting and helpful. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet him at some point.

Words written: 2125


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