I’ve been taking it pretty easy on the research front over the past few days, but I think things may be ramping up soon. Friday I just stayed home and took care of household stuff (and watched the hilarious Finnish movie, Iron Sky). I did a tiny amount of work on the Næss/Dahl article on Monday–basically just tightening how I frame the project in my intro to the article, and tracking down some information on the graphic design of the Dahl book.

Today was filled with what you might call para-research things. I reviewed two contributions to a proceedings volume (two more to go), got in touch with a conference organizer about moderating a session, made travel arrangements for a seminar in late May, and met with a colleague who is an expert on (American) graphic novels to pick her brain for my “De fire store” project. The meeting was super useful, and I came away newly inspired, not only for the paper I’ll be giving at SASS in San Francisco, but also the one I proposed for the Criticism conference in Oslo. She gave me a lot of references on where I can look for work on similar questions.

My biggest news, however, was waiting in my email inbox when I got home from campus; I was awarded five months of funding from the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Organisation for my project on the “multimodal” Ibsen! I am so incredibly stoked about this! This good news also changes my plans for the rest of the spring, as I’ll want to get going on it–and especially on trying to find a publisher–right away. I am so tired of the run around I always seem to get whenever I want to publish a book, so I want to see if this time I can get a contract up front. It will be a challenging project in a lot of ways–mostly because I’ll be writing in Norwegian and for a non-scholarly audience (my target audience will be schoolteachers). The learning curve is going to be really steep, but luckily I have a really helpful colleague in the Education department who gave me great feedback back in the fall. I’m hoping I can take advantage of his expertise further down the line too. And I am especially excited about the material I’ll be working on. I think it’s going to be a really stimulating project to work on! Yay!


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