Humming along

Today was a really social day on campus. I kept running into people and having chats. I can go days and days and hardly meet anyone, and then suddenly they’re all there. It’s good to touch bases with colleagues, and in fact one of them mentioned that she’s in the planning phases of a project that might include me, so it was a good thing we were able to talk.

I re-read Dahl’s Henrik og Emilie this morning, and then did some work on the Næss/Dahl article. I wasn’t able to write much, as there is still so much information to sort out and my analysis still really hasn’t come together, but I’m convince that there definitely is something interesting there. I read a couple very critical reviews of them both, and I know where I want to go with it.

While looking for something else at the Ibsen Centre library I came across Peter Larsen’s brand new book on Ibsen and photography. It looks great, and will be very useful. Much to my dismay, I discovered that there was even a launch seminar for the book last week that I would have loved to attend, had I only known about it. Check out this great lineup! Sigh.

The last thing I did was scan some of the images from De fire store: Når de døde våkner to use in my conference presentation. It was interesting to go through the book focusing just on the visual impact of the various images. Some work really well, others are surprisingly weak, which many of the reviewers also point out. It was good for me to exercise my visual analysis skills a bit, since I really want to move more in the direction of visual culture…

ETA: I forgot that I wanted to post a link to some still photos from the Norwegian National Theater’s 2006 staging of Henrik og EmilieInteresting visuals!


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