It was a light day today, with a lot of faffing and going back and re-reading the evaluation of candidates from yesterday. The only real work I did was composing an abstract for the Changing Function of Criticism conference in August. What a struggle for those 200 words, though. For some reason, the words just wouldn’t come for the longest time. I finally had to go knock on the door of one of the organizers to run the rough idea by him. He thought it was fine, and reassured me that it doesn’t have to be all that polished at this point. I’m so glad I just went and asked, as I think it spared me hours of hair-pulling. The title I’m going with is “Framing Henrik Ibsen: The Comic Book as Criticism.”

The official list of applicant for the position in Bergen that I applied for was posted today. I was shocked at how few applicants there were–only six, and I was the only woman. I can’t for the life of me figure out why there weren’t more applicants, as I know there must be more qualified people around. I’m pretty sure I’m not competitive for that position (and I have a good idea of who will get the offer), but I am fairly hopeful about the job here in Oslo. It will be interesting to see how all this develops over the next few months, to say the least!

The only other things of note were that I picked up a copy of Dahl’s Henrik og Emilie and registered my “meldekort” (reporting card) for this two-week period with the unemployment office. I had to do it on one of the computers in the library, since the national unemployment office apparently does not support any of the browsers I use on my Mac. You know, one of those days…


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