“Krakk! Hkk! Gukk! Aa! Thuk! Fwapp! Nnh!”

Huh. I think I was just totally burned out yesterday. I decided to take the day “off,” which is kind of funny since I’m not currently employed (“off” from what, you might well ask)! At any rate, I spent the whole day home alone knitting  and watching the Norwegian cross country ski championships on TV. The only work-related thing I did was read one of the essays in Den biografiske Ibsen.  It was great to just chill for once.

Today though I sort of reluctantly started up again on the De fire store conference paper. My son is home sick from school, so I was worried that I wouldn’t get anything done at all. Now I feel bad because he has such a bad cold that he doesn’t even have the energy to want to play with me. That means I’ve had a few hours with only minor interruptions, and have actually gotten a good deal done. I decided I would only write about one of the two graphic novels, and I cut one whole paragraph (213 words), since it was really only plot summary. I used the book reviews I had skimmed on Wednesday as a starting point for situating the book.

Interestingly, the one review that I had at first been really skeptical of has actually become the most important one for my argument; it’s the one where the reviewer categorically states that the book is a biography, not an action comic. At first I though that was crazy, and then I had this a-ha moment brushing my teeth where I realized that totally supports the argument I’m trying to make. Duh. It’s starting to come together now, and I’m really excited about it. I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly in the groove like I was last week with Amtmandens Døttre–there are too many things I still need to read up on for that–but I’m getting there.

Words written: a net gain of 1132

P.S. The title of this post is a quote from page 21 in De fire store: Når vi døde våkner (2007).


One response to ““Krakk! Hkk! Gukk! Aa! Thuk! Fwapp! Nnh!”

  1. Great title 🙂 I am an eager reader of your blog and looking forward to read more posts in the future. I am a bit worried sometimes because I think you get so much done in terms of writing and reading, and still you are like “but I planned to do even more in this amount of time”. Well…we are not and should not be superwomen every single day, should we?

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