My most concrete accomplishment of the day was submitting a draft of the Witoszek review to the journal editor. I spent pretty much the whole day on polishing it and (re-)reading bits and pieces from her earlier work. It seemed to come together okay, though I am still missing a couple of references that I have to get from books that I have requested through interlibrary loan. Both are things that I would really like to read anyway, so it will be good to get them.

In between fiddling with the review, I worked a tiny bit on the “De fire store” conference paper. It was mostly just going through some of the critical reception of the books from the Norwegian press and starting to compile a bibliography. Phew, I have a really long way to go on this project!

I also discovered that the deadline for another conference–the one on the changing function of literary criticism–is coming up on 1 February. I’m glad I remembered to look into that, as it’s being held here at the University of Oslo and I really want to participate, if I can get in. I have a rough idea of what I want to propose (graphic novels as literary reception), but I’m going to need to work on the abstract quite a bit to get it pulled together, especially the theory part.

This wasn’t a particularly fun day. Book reviews are never as inspiring and fun as one’s own work, and there are always nagging doubts about whether one is doing a good enough job of evaluating the work. Plus I haven’t got deeply enough into the “De fire store” project to hit a groove yet, so for right now I’m pretty much just floundering and flailing around.


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