Inevitably, today was a low energy day after yesterday’s flurry. I did a little work on the Witoszek review, and read a few of the articles on Welhaven in the 2009 essay collection, Gjenlyd af min sang (edited by a colleague of mine). I really liked the articles by Eirik Vassenden and Anne-Lise Seip, and they help a lot in identifying the problems I see in Witoszek’s approach to national romanticism.

Later in the day I got inspired to try to get a few words on the page for my conference paper on the Runde & Moen graphic novels on the four greats. My goal was 500 words or so of rough ideas, just to get the ball rolling. In looking over the books, it seems really obvious that their main focus is Ibsen. This is especially clear based on the notes the authors provide. I’m worried that this is going to be a bit thin as far as content is concerned. The problem is not the novels themselves; if I were just doing analyses of them as texts I’m sure I’d have tons of material. The problem is that I’m trying to argue that they are actually examples of reception (specifically Ibsen reception). I’m going to have to do some digging in reception theory. What I’m looking for is something on how literature itself can function as reception of other literature.

Words written: 396 + 520


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