Signed, sealed, delivered

Today was all about the delivery. I got through the tedium of compiling the supporting documentation for my application for the position in Bergen, and got it all boxed up and shipped off by lunch time. That gave me the afternoon to do the revisions of the Amtmandens Døttre article. I had already read through my WIP-exchange partner’s comments and made a bunch of notes for changes based on them, so it didn’t take nearly as long as I had anticipated. I was able to get the article submitted by email to my first choice journal and still had a chunk of time left before I had to head home. The next thing on my list was reformatting the article on Når nettene blir lange according to the journal guidelines (Harvard style, rather than my default MLA style). That kind of thing goes pretty quickly, so I managed to squeeze it in and thus can claim to have submitted a job application and two articles in one day!

And if that isn’t already enough, I even performed the onerous task of writing two follow-up emails to publishers to inquire about the status of my two book manuscripts. Shudder; I really hate writing emails like that. But it feels great to have the ball(s) in their court, rather than agonizing over when and if to nag.

If I am feeling really dutiful tomorrow, I will try to wrap up the Witoszek review before I start in on one of the two article projects that I’m anxious to get going. I should probably at least read through the review to see how much more work it requires. But on the other hand, I’m really eager to get started on the “De fire store” graphic novel article, since I know I’ll be presenting on that in San Francisco the first week of May. Seems to me after such a disciplined day today I ought to give myself some slack and just spend some time messing around with the graphic novels tomorrow to see what comes up, since that is definitely the most fun and appealing project I have on the list right now.

ETA: it’s been a good long while since I submitted anything to the journal Scandinavian Studies. I was pleased to discover they have switched over to a new online submission system. Slick!


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