Last night was my former department’s annual Christmas-in-January-Party (I love it that they put it off a month, rather than trying to cram it in along with everything else that takes place in December). Each year the administration gives out a few prizes and awards, and this year I won the research award! It came with a huge bouquet of roses and about 1750 USD in research/travel funds that I can access even though I’m no longer employed there. Sweet!


My WIP-exchange partner won last year, and apparently she and I are kind of in a class for ourselves right now in the department. Research and publishing is a very wayward undertaking, and there are myriad reasons why a person isn’t able to get things out, so I know that chance plays a big role in this. All the same, I can’t help but think that all those WIP exchanges we’ve done over the past four years have had an impact. The funny thing is that we actually met up for a critique session at a café before heading to the department party last night!

Her feedback was–as usual–spot on. Once I get my job application for the position in Bergen submitted (deadline tomorrow), I should be able to make the changes she suggested in pretty short order. I’m hoping to have it submitted by the end of business on Monday.



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