Well, a full draft of the article is now in the hands of my WIP-exchange partner. It was a little hairy, and I didn’t get a chance to read it through fully. I had to go to the unemployment office to get some questions answered in the morning, so I wasn’t on campus until noon. I had a long “punch list” of little details to sort out–getting full bibliographical information, double-checking sources, inserting missing references, and replacing the Foucault section on heterotopias with a much shorter one on the importance of topography in literature that builds on J. Hillis Miller. I can’t wait to get feedback and then go through the article with more leisure to see if it all actually holds together. The total word count was 10,147, down slightly from yesterday’s high of 10,186. Still a little too long for most journals…

Aside from a few small teaching-related tasks left over from last term, the only other thing I worked on today was another job application. This one is kind of bugging me because they insist that applicants include their dissertations among the ten sample publications. My dissertation was totally not my finest moment as a scholar, and I wrote it nearly twenty years ago (Yikes! That’s hard to believe!), so I feel pretty distant from the thing. Thankfully I get those nine other (much more recent) works to counterbalance my cringe-worthy dissertation.


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