I made more progress on the Amtmandens Døttre article today, and I think it’s possible I’ll have a complete draft by the end of the day tomorrow. In the morning I have a meeting at the unemployment office, and then after that I’ll go into campus  where some of the resources I need to clear up final details are.

I’m a bit frustrated with today’s work as the article keeps getting longer. Today I passed 10,000 words, which is really too much for most journal articles. I’m hoping that my WIP-exchange partner will help me see what can be cut. My sense is that it may actually be the Foucault/heterotopia bit. It occurs to me now as I write this that I could probably replace it with a much shorter reference to J. Hillis Miller’s Topographies as a justification for performing a reading of the three loci I examine in the novel. That could be done quite easily I think. Right now there is a longish (one full page) discussion of the heterotopia, which I don’t really do anything with in the analysis parts.

The problem is that as I re-read the secondary literature, I keep finding things that are relevant and that I feel I need to respond to. In a way that’s good, as it situates my reading within the scholarly reception, but at the same time it makes my argument more complicated and filled with tangents. I definitely need the clear eyes of a second reader before I send this off for review at a journal.

I was happy, however, that I was able to find sections for the conclusion in what I already had, rather than having to compose even more new material.

Nothing else to report from a very quiet day of working at home.

Words written: 1427 (the bulk of this was my English  translations of the Norwegian quotations)


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