New beginning

Yesterday I finished up the last of my evaluations of the thirteen articles for a proceedings volume. It got pretty tedious by the end, but there were some bright spots too. It will be really neat to see the end result, whenever it comes out.

Today was a completely enjoyable and uplifting writing day, after many weeks of more onerous work. In a conversation with a colleague last week, I learned that a particular journal that I had written off as hopelessly backlogged is now actively soliciting new work for publication. I was asked if I had anything on hand, and as it turns out I do, but it needed a little polishing. It’s the analysis of Camilla Collett’s Amtmandens Døttre that I was advised to cut out of the cabin book manuscript. I didn’t have room there to construct the full argument, so I thought it might be worth reworking as an article. My original thought was to rewrite it in Norwegian, but the language of this particular journal is English, so I’m spared that.

Today I finalized my move into a new office, which I’ve been generously given as a “guest researcher” at the Centre for Ibsen Studies. It would have been more appropriate to start my work there with an Ibsen project, but Ibsen and Collett were contemporaries (she was fifteen years older), so I’m declaring it okay. Once I got the desk cleaned off I dived into the Collett article (which I’d gotten a little jump on earlier in the morning before I left home), and basically spent the whole day on it.

Wow, it really started to come together. I am so excited! By the end of the day I had a roughed in article of just over 8000 words, ready for a few intense round of revisions. My goal is to get it out under review by Friday of next week. I’d love to have it published this year, the 200th anniversary of Collett’s birth.

Word on the street: the evaluation of the position I applied for will be coming in next week. By this point I just want to know–I don’t even care how I end up being ranked!!


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