Morning mood

Well what do you know? It’s not yet 9 am, and I think I’ve wrapped up the revisions to chapter one as much as I’m going to manage for this round. I reworked the conclusion really substantially this morning starting at 4 am, when I awoke with a start and a few ideas of what to do.

I managed to work in an exceedingly brief discussion of the seter in Collett’s Amtmandens Døttre (the section I had to cut at the strong recommendation of my colleague) and stronger links to the heterotopia discussion that is supposed to be the theoretical focus of the book. I also changed my discussion of how this chapter relates to the ones to come (especially the one on the first half of the twentieth century) and that gave me an appropriate opportunity to cite my article on the seter in children’s literature. All that material is now cut from the book, so it makes sense to mention it at least in passing.

So all that remains for the application is the following:

  • compile the intro and three chapters (I decided not to include chapters four and five, since they haven’t been revised yet) of the cabin book into one document and print it out in quadruplicate
  • punch holes in them, plus the one remaining printout of the Peer Gynt book, and put all of these into place in the binders
  • do a final proofread of the actual application documents (cover letter, list of publications, cv), print them out, and figure out how I want to place them in the binders
  • box it up
  • take it to the post office and get it in the mail on Monday

The end is in sight!

Words written: 815


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