Paper pushing

Today was devoted to compiling four copies each of fifteen research publications for submission as supporting documentation for a job application. It was mindless, but soothing. The job I’m applying for is in Bø in Telemark, and the publications are due on Monday. I have a bit more work to do on it over the weekend (including trying to squeeze in a little bit of revision on chapter one of the cabin book…eep!), but I should be able to finish before Monday, and then take the train up to drop them off. I could just mail them, but I’m kind of curious to check the place out a bit unofficially. We’ll see–it depends on whether I can really pull everything together over the weekend in the midst of family activities.

I did the compiling at my (old) office, which I still have access to for a few more days. I also got the good news that my guest researcher status has been approved, so I’ll have a new office to move into sometime next week. I’m very excited about that.

I also got asked to review a bunch of short articles (thirteen to be precise) for a proceedings volume. It’s for pay (good!) and they’re all on interesting topics, so I’m happy to do it, though it has a short turn around time.

There hasn’t really been time for me to really take stock of which tasks are next up for me. I guess I need to finalize the cabin book revisions (chapters one, four, and six), and pick up the Witoszek review that I started on the trip to Lund. After that, it’s kind of wide open…



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