Think of the Bananas!

My writing goal for the month is to produce a draft of roughly 6000 words for the quirky feel-good genre article. As of last week I had 3215 words (some of which will need cutting), but for some reason I got it into my head this morning that I need 4000 more words, which averages out to 800 words per day for this week. That seems like a reasonable goal, so I set out to write 800 today, and got to just over 1000. That brings me to 4248, which, assuming my calculator isn’t batty, means I now have less than 2000 words to write to reach my goal.

It probably sounds incredibly anal to focus so intently on word counts, but at this early stage of article writing (i.e. the first draft) I’m really just trying to flesh out the argument as best I can. Once the bulk is in place, I can start to work it into shape. I’ve just been writing about films in nearly random order (loosely chronologically, I suppose), but today on a quick break a way of organizing the analysis came to me, and I now have the films grouped into thematic (and so far national) sections. This helped a lot.

I also took time today to watch Lasse Hallström’s Mitt liv som hund, which I probably haven’t seen in 20 years. It fits perfectly of course, and it made me want to title my article something like “But Who Would Take Care of the Bananas?: The Nordic Quirky Feel-Good Movie” because of the protagonist’s wonderful rationalization of why his father lives overseas and not with him…

Gee, that’s actually a lot accomplished, especially given the fact that I had a bunch of teaching-related tasks that I had to do this morning. Zing!

Words written: 1033


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