This turned out to be a pretty fragmented week. Wednesday my son had a really bad cold, so I stayed home with him and really didn’t get anything done. Yesterday I had a full day of teaching-related tasks to get through including two advising session, as well as a trial lecture by a Ph.D. candidate to attend, an an evening lecture on adaptation to give at the student book club. Needless to say I didn’t get any writing done.

Today started out with the Ph.D. candidate’s defense, though I have to admit that I left at the break, and thus didn’t get to hear the second opponent or the conclusion. I wanted to stay, but was getting really antsy over having accomplished so little this week, so I went back to my office to write. It was kind of tough going, and I had a hard time getting back into the article. Eventually I settled on adding a section on Sara Johnsen’s Upperdog (2009), and got a little ways into that. I really don’t know what if anything of what I’ve written so far will be useable. For now, I’m just trying to focus on getting stuff down.

Words written: 600+

ETA: a little rant. On a discussion forum I frequent, there is a thread on productivity tools. As far as I’m concerned, productivity tools are for the birds, at least when it comes to one humanities scholar working on independent projects like I do. I can’t believe how much time people spend fretting over the various options available, their specific functions and perceived lacks. People! Get a grip! Just do the freaking work and stop thinking some app or software is going to get it done for you. Stop with the magical thinking!!


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