Jump start

My son got sick during the night, so he had to stay home from school today. That was totally fine with me, since at least two of the films I had planned to watch today were rated G. I forced him to watch Änglagård (Colin Nutley, 1992) with me, and he absolutely hated it. I was pretty disappointed in it too (I’d actually never seen it before, if you can believe that), but as I suspected it is absolutely perfect for the quirky feel-good genre article. I actually got revved up enough to do a little writing, much to my enormous relief. Phew, I was worried I wasn’t ever going to get any words on the page for this project. I’ll take ’em, even if they’re crap. What it clarified for me is that these films are (on top of everything else) what I’m calling fantasies of integration. A quirky outsider comes into contact with a repressed social group and teaches them to be freer and more accepting of difference. They seem to be created (consciously or not) as responses to fearful and angry public discourses about difference in Scandinavia.

So that’s a very different focus than what I proposed to the editors in my article abstract, but I’m going to keep going with it and see where it takes me. I have no idea whether I’ll be able to integrate it with the focus on film festival aesthetics that was the original idea for the article. We’ll have to see.

I’m doing NaSchoWriMo this month, and my goal is to write a complete first draft of this article. That means I need to write roughly 500 words on eleven more days up to and including the 30th. I think I can, I think I can.

Words written: 520


2 responses to “Jump start

  1. Love your blog! Thanks for your honesty about the research process. What does NaSchoWriMo mean?

  2. Thanks! NaSchoWriMo stands for “national scholarly writing month.” It’s a take off on the “write a novel in November” phenomenon of recent years.

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