After a full day of meticulous editing, I have finally got my intro and two sample chapters ready to mail out to a prospective publisher. I have to say I’m really pleased with the improvements, and I should be–it was a hell of a lot of work.

I’m sitting here with the sealed envelope next to me, ready to drop off in the mail room on my way home. It’s a weird feeling. There has to be much more I could do to improve my work, but at the same time it I just have to get it out there. And of course it will be months and months before I hear anything back, which is disheartening. I’m still waiting for word on the Peer Gynt-book, which I submitted to another publisher back in May.

The only way to deal with all the waiting involved in academic publishing is to keep cranking out new stuff while the old stuff languishes in some editor’s or reviewer’s inbox. Like I wrote yesterday (and many other days…), I really need to get cracking on the quirky feel-good article. It’s worlds away from the cabin book, but maybe that’s what I need right now? At any rate, I’m going to take all my materials for that home with me tonight and spend the day at home tomorrow orienting myself in it.

Words written:  307 + 86 + 216 = 609

ETA: On the way out of the building I ran into a colleague who mentioned that there will be a seminar focusing on Henrik Ibsens Skrifter  in Bergen later this month. I had heard plans of it earlier this spring, but never saw a CFP. Bummer, as it looks really interesting, and I had an (admittedly vague) idea of what I might present on. I may still try to go, if it works out for my family. I still have a good deal of fellowship funding to use up…


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