In stride

Throughout most of the day yesterday I worked on an administrative task that I can’t write about in a public forum since it concerns the evaluation of someone else’s work. This morning I was able to send off my four-page report feeling good about being thorough and fair.

And since my son ended up going over to a friend’s house for most of the afternoon, I even had time today for a read-through of the two cabin book chapters that I’ll be submitting in my book proposal. This is my favorite stage of editing. All the major issues are hashed out, and it’s now just a matter of really finessing my prose. Sentences that seemed fine before now stand out as awkward, or pointless, or confusing, and I can go in and clean them up one by one. I’m actually looking forward to spending the day tomorrow entering all the edits I scribbled on the printouts into the documents on my computer at work. Not necessarily be cause I enjoy doing it, but because I am so eager to see the result. I suppose it’s kind of like housekeeping;  I don’t enjoy doing it, but get a thrill out of having a clean house.

I’m feeling really good about the Wergeland section in chapter two, and am gloating over the inspired idea to use Jernvognen instead of Bygdebørn in chapter three. It works a million times better. The dashes of Foucault throughout both chapters work pretty well, though I need to clean up a little redundancy.

This means it’s a realistic goal to get the book proposal in the mail by the end of the day tomorrow. And then I really need to get cracking on the “quirky feel-good” film genre article. Ugh, more first drafting, just when I’m hitting my stride on the micro-editing… Oh well, it has to be done.


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