Today felt hectic, although I suppose it was really just tedious. I got nothing done on my chapter revisions yesterday, but I did finish reading the relevant part of Bø’s Å dikte Norge. So today my goal was to insert all the translations (my own) into the chapter, which I did manage to finish, along with a few small additions and revisions of content along the way.

I had sort of hoped that I could get the whole chapter done and send off my book proposal, but by mid-day it seemed very clear that I really need to hold off on sending the proposal until I’ve had a thorough read-through of the whole packet (cover letter, cv, table of contents, book intro, and two sample chapters). It’s just not settled enough yet to send.

Some problems have been arising in recent months in my documentation. I haven’t been very systematic about filing the articles and copies I’ve been working with, and the stacks in my office have become unworkable. I spent a little time this afternoon doing a rough sort, and will pick it up again on Monday, I think. I’ll need to pick up some more binders from the mail room, but it’s sometimes hard to know where to put things, since there is a lot of overlap in my various projects. Sigh. What a mess.

But all in all, I do think I’m making real progress in the cabin book revisions, and going into these last few weeks of my fellowship I think I’m in pretty good shape. It would be great if a few more articles that are in publication limbo would come out in print before the end of the year, but it’s not a crisis if they don’t. If only people would stop asking me about my job situation…

Words written: 2679 (a lot because of all the translations inserted)


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