Little steps

I only had two goals today, which were to run a productive “writing workshop” for my students in class, and finish the last fiddly edits to the Når nettene blir lange article before sending it off to the editor. Despite being sleep deprived from watching election returns starting in the very early hours of the morning, I managed both.

Miraculously a much-needed but missing-in-action article requested through ILL arrived in my mailbox this morning. I blanched when I saw it was in French, but then was heartened to see that my “reading knowledge” of French really was sufficient to get me through it. Yay for all those classes in high school and college, even if I can’t pronounce my way out of a paper bag.

Tonight a colleague and I are going out to a quick dinner and to watch Sara Johnsen’s new movie, Uskyld. It’s becoming a tradition to have a movie night once a semester or so, and is a perfect way to celebrate getting  my film article submitted.

On the agenda for tomorrow and Friday is finishing up the revisions to chapter two of the cabin book, and finalizing the book prospectus, which I hope to mail off by the end of the day on Friday.

Words written: 387


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