Today was a quiet but productive day of chapter revising. I was working my way through the five subsections of chapter 2 (Hansen, Wergeland, Herre, Asbjørnsen, and Collett) and made it through the first four. I made a much more concerted effort to relate my analyses to the Foucault concepts. I’ll need to add a paragraph to the introduction on Foucault’s taxonomy of heterotopias. He suggests about five different kinds in the brief article “Of Other Spaces,” and I’m trying to explain the development of the cabin motif in the various texts through them.

I still haven’t started dealing with the translations; I think I’m going to have a look at a book from the same publisher first, and then copy whatever the practice for translating quotes they use in it.

Tomorrow is going to have to be dedicated to something completely different; I have proofs of the Byatt article due on Wednesday (yay! it’s actually coming out!!).

I also finally broke down today and bought six books (and ordered three more) that I should have acquired long ago. They’re things I keep checking out from the library and referring to, but haven’t had the chance to sit down and carefully read (and annotate) cover to cover. One in particular, Gudleiv Bø’s Å dikte Norge: diktere om det norske (from 2006) is especially relevant for the cabin book. It’s aimed at Norwegian teachers rather than a purely scholarly audience, but it has so many relevant references and contextualizations that I really need to engage with it more closely than I have done so far.

Words written: 807


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