I managed to get over seven hours of sleep last night for what seems like the first time in at least a week. That helped a lot, and it allowed me to squeeze in a revising session between 5:15 and 7:15 am. I added small sections and changes throughout, and the chapter is looking a lot better. Most of what I added related to the heterotopia, which ends up being more relevant than I thought it was going to be.

I hadn’t written any notes on the section on Bernhard Herre during Friday’s read through of the chapter. I’m guessing that’s because I was brain dead on Friday, and not that the section needs no revising! I just skipped it this morning and focused on the other sections where I had specific notes for changes. If I get a chance later today I’ll read the Herre section again and see if I can do some revising there too.

Phew. This was a huge relief. Even if I don’t get any other writing done this weekend at least I’m back on track.

ETA: by the way, I posted yesterday’s poll on an internet discussion group that I participate in, and the Cabin Fever title is winning over The Real Norway by 24 votes to 4 there. Do vote here too!

E again TA: I squeezed in a session on En Jægers Erindringer and am very happy with the result!

Words written: 626 + 324 = 950


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