Something’s clearly wrong. Again I shambled through the day in a daze because of lack of sleep. I woke with a start at three in the morning with some good ideas for the cabin book revisions, wrote them down, and was unable to fall back asleep. I woke up wondering whether I should be revising chapter two rather than chapter one. It was a good instinct; I read through chapter two carefully today, and there is far less revising that needs to be done than in chapter one, which needs a major overhaul. If I can just get my energy and focus back, chapter two should go pretty smoothly, and then I’ll be able to get the book prospectus out and return my attention to the film genre article.

I also started wondering about a different title for the cabin book. I’m not particularly enthusiastic about my current working title, “The ‘Real’ Norway: Cabins in Norwegian Literature, 1814-2005.” A colleague really likes the idea of using “cabin fever” so I tried out the following today, “Cabin Fever: Place and Identity in Norwegian Literature, 1814-2005.” Hmm. Maybe. What do you think?

Today’s highlight was the WIP-exchange with my colleague. She confirmed what I had been hoping, which is that the Når nettene blir lange article is basically finished. She suggested adding a little bit on the film’s reception, which I think I’m going to do. The article is a bit short, and as she pointed out, it will either confirm or disprove some of the (essentially unproved) claims I make in the article.

Now I’m just trying to stay awake until bedtime…


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