Today was mostly devoted to grading student essays. I started out the day with a tiny bit of my own work, though (following my standard “research first” rule). A colleague at another Norwegian university invited me last week to submit a proposal for an interesting seminar on literature and history in the spring. Check out the description:

The project Literature and History: Nordic Angles sets out to explore the mutual entanglements of literature and history as they have been engaged and expressed across time in cross-cultural exchanges between the English-speaking and Nordic worlds. As such, it aims to participate in and contribute to two areas of academic concern in which scholars working in Norway have been particularly active in recent times: the interaction between Nordic and Anglophone history and culture; and the dynamics of the relationship between literature and history.

Since it was too good an offer to pass up, I had to work out a paper proposal asap. After mucking around with a couple of other options, I ended up back at Byatt’s The Biographer’s Tale. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten everything out of the text that I could, so the framing of the seminar is a welcome opportunity to revisit it.

I have a bit more course prep to do tomorrow, but with luck I’ll be able to start in on reading for the “quirky feel-good” article. I’m so curious about how it’s going to develop.


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