The day is only half over, but I have to spend the rest of it doing teaching prep for tomorrow, so I’m posting at lunch time as a way of wrapping up the morning’s writing session. I did a read through of the latest draft of the NNBL article and found lots of spots that need improvement. I went through point by point clarifying and adding information, and at one spot I moved a sentence that seemed like a non sequitur down to the end of a paragraph, and rather amazingly it now makes much more sense. Writing is so weird that way.

Last night I banged out a cover letter for the administrative position I’m going to apply for this week. It all came kind of rushing out while my son was watching tv. I had my partner proofread it, and much to my amazement it was perfect except for one mistake (I jammed an adjective and a noun together thinking they must be a compound word in Norwegian, but they’re actually separate in this case). I guess four years of working in Norwegian academia really has improved my writing skills! I still kind of can’t believe I can write “grown up” Norwegian, even after all this time.

Words written: 572


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