Today was filled with administrative tasks, class prep. and meetings, so I didn’t get any writing done. The only research-related things I managed to accomplished was reading an article about Kongsseteren in an architectural journal, and a couple news paper articles on how the Norwegian royals celebrate Christmas at Kongsseteren. Pretty paltry, I know, but (assuming I can bang out some discussion questions for my class tonight) tomorrow I basically have the whole day free to work on the Når nettene blir lange article. I’m going to need it! I just bought my train tickets for the workshop in December, and was shocked to see how soon that is coming up!

ETA: oh, and last night I came across an administrative position I can apply for, so I really need to pull together an application for that by the end of the week. It’s the same salary as what I make now, in an area of administration I’m interested in, and it would be a completely acceptable and possibly even interesting job while hoping that a real academic position will materialize.


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