Today was a two-part day. I spent the morning working on the Når nettene blir lange article (yet again a painful process!) and the afternoon evaluating applications for a Ph.D. position. Actually I should say it was a three-part day, as I spent the hours between five and seven this morning composing a report for another Ph.D. position that I did evaluations for. Lots of different stuff going on at any rate.

I guess I made some respectable progress on the article, but it still feels really awkward and disjointed. I managed to untangle a couple little knots in what I had from before, though, so I shouldn’t be so dismissive. It will be good to let the thing rest over the weekend. I’ll print out what I have on Monday and give it a read-through in the hopes of gaining a fresh perspective. I also have a couple of sources to track down at the library, so maybe I’ll find some sparks there.

Words written: 546


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