It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Although most of today was taken up with teaching and with attending a lecture, I squeezed in a little work on the Når nettene blir lange article. I fleshed out the introduction and gave a clearer indication of the aims of the article. I also took what I already had and broke it down into subsections, which will each need to be fleshed out much more. Clearly the main thrust has to be on the Christmas aspect, since that’s the theme for the special issue of the journal, but the cabin stuff is going to have to be there too. I think I found a way to make it more relevant by bringing in some references to Kongsseteren, the  so-called cabin that belongs to the Norwegian royal family. It’s where they traditionally celebrate Christmas, and it serves as a kind of idealized image of Norwegian Christmas that I think the film parodies. I found a reference to one article on Kongsseteren in an Architecture journal, so that will be interesting to read. On first glance, Kongsseteren looks an awful lot like Kjell Inge Røkke’s “hyttepalass,” which I’ve written about before. Clearly there is lots of material to work through for this project.

Tomorrow I need to watch a couple of classic Christmas movies (groan), read some articles, and start filling in the gaps in the article. I actually kind of hate Christmas, so I’m having a few regrets about undertaking this. I do really like Mona J. Hoel’s film though, so with luck that will make up for some of the dreadfulness of the Hollywood films I’m going to have to sit through.

Words written: 453


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