Multimodal me

Got the Gatas Gynt article sent off to the Nordlit editors this morning, and I just now submitted my grant proposal on “Den multimodale Ibsen” online. Who knows what will happen, but it was an interesting process.

I found this comedy routine by Ylvis (Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker), and it is a perfect illustration of what I’ve been thinking about during the grant writing process:

I think it’s hilarious, and an extremely smart commentary on the problem of how to teach a classic theatrical work. The “problem” is that Vegard’s delivery of the famous “buck” scene is “flat” according to Bård. Bård does the same scene with pyrotechnics (though he pretends not to notice) and gets a much better response from the audience, all the while claiming it has to do with all kinds of obscure acting advice. I think they’re also making fun of the notion that somehow the dramatic text itself is not enough–that a staging somehow always needs something more for today’s audiences.


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