Dork that I am, I forgot to bring the DVD of Gatas Gynt with me to work, so I couldn’t quite finalize the paper revisions. But everything except for the two or three details I need to check on the DVD is finished. It’s now safely in my bag, so I won’t forget it in the morning.

I also attended a  lecture on the National Theater’s Ibsen Festival at the Ibsen Centre today. The festival has been in existence since the 1990s, and it was really interesting to hear how it has impacted Norwegian theater in general, and the National Theater in particular, since its inception.

I happened to run into my boss at lunch time, and she asked me what my plans for after the fellowship were. I kind of hemmed and hawed, and she argued that I really need to be applying for grants. I hadn’t been thinking along those lines at all, but she lit a fire under me, I guess. There’s a grant application deadline this coming Monday for something that is a good match with my plans to work on some kind of Ibsen and film project, so I spent the whole afternoon throwing together a proposal draft. Because of the specifics of this particular grant, the project is slanted in a way that’s a new direction for me, but one that I think I could really get cranked up about. I also got the paperwork for guest researcher status at the Ibsen Centre filed. Nice to have that squared away.

Phew. This was such a full day that I hardly know what to think about it!


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