End game

I forgot to post yesterday, and what’s worse I’m not totally sure I remember what I did! Most of the day went to finalizing my portfolio for the Ibsen position. It’s now safely submitted and out of my hands, so I can focus on other things. I spent the day today on teaching prep and administrative tasks. The most interesting thing was evaluating some Ph.D. applications. It’s fascinating to be on both sides of the application process; I’m sure having recently gone through applying for something myself makes me hyper-aware of the details in what I’m evaluating.

The other thing I did yesterday and today was (finally) put together an abstract for an article for the book on Nordic film genres. I gathered what material I could find on the film festival phenomenon (really interesting research area!), finalized my list of films and the relevant genre components. Who knows if it will fly, but it was at least an interesting exercise to compose the abstract.

For some reason I’m having some second thoughts about my research agenda for this fall. I had originally planned to just power through the cabin book revisions, but I’m actually thinking that I might just put that off until my impending unemployment, and focus on cranking out two (possibly three or four) article drafts instead. I’ll have plenty of time for the tedious revisions, but not as much access to what I need for new material, so I think this is the time to do that. Hard to say what’s best strategically, but at least psychologically this feels best. So, what I’d like to work on is:

  • the Når nettene blir lange article for Journal of Scandinavian Cinema (deadline 6 December)
  • the research on “De fire store” for the Runde/Moen article (deadline for a conference paper abstract 30 November)
  • the Dahl/Næss article (no deadline)
  • the quirky feel-good genre article (if abstract is accepted, deadline is January…eep!) ETA: whoa, quick positive response from an editor that they want me to go further with the idea. No guarantees, but good news all the same!

That’s a lot, with not much time left, but oh so much more stimulating…


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