Paper pusher

Much shuffling of paper and gnashing of teeth today and yesterday, as I put together my portfolio of academic publications, teaching and “formidling” (translates roughly as “outreach”). It’s good to take stock, and good to have the opportunity to “spin” and flesh out the otherwise rather lifeless list that is my CV, but my goodness a girl can obsess over these things!

The good news is that I also squeezed in the last of the revisions to chapter three in the cabin book, since I’m including that among my academic works. It feels great to have finally polished it off, and it gives me a model to work off of for the remaining four chapters.

On the way home from work I started browsing a book called Film Genre 2000, which jumpstarted a few ideas for the Nordic film genre abstract that I need to work on in the next few days. It had me thinking I might actually be able to pull something off there, though it will require massive amounts of new research into the film festival phenomenon. Regardless, I’m always thrilled when ideas percolate.

Words written: no idea, and don’t even ask how many pages I’ve printed out and photocopied, or how many holes I’ve punched!


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