While my family was otherwise engaged, I managed to sneak in a few hours of editing chapter three in the cabin book today. A good night’s sleep and a careful read-through seem to have helped. I think the thing to do now is let it lie for a few days while I work on other elements of the package of academic works that I’ll be submitting for review. I want to do a little tidying in the Peer Gynt book manuscript, and I want to re-read some of my articles to make sure they’re the best choices. I also really need to get my teaching and service portfolio together.

I’m not sure I addressed all of the points that I was whinging about in yesterday’s post, but I do think I make a much more cohesive argument now. Oh, and I finally came up with a decent translation of “hi.” I’ve been using “den,” but all along that has bothered me because it’s not animalistic enough (after all, people have “dens” in their houses, so there has been some semantic creep). Finally I remembered “lair,”  which is much more directly associated with the non-human. Not that anyone but me cares about such details in the bigger picture of the project…

Ursus Arctos

Words written: 420


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