Well, I guess work can’t always be fun. I spent the day revising chapter three (again) and didn’t get anywhere close to finishing it. Quite a few problems remain:

  1. There’s a tricky bit about Når vi døde vågner and its folktale references (in relation to Ulfhejm) that I just haven’t quite worked out yet. Originally I mentioned the reference just in passing, but now I’m starting to wonder whether I really should take the time to work it all out, or whether it’s just a tangent that detracts from the focus on the cabins.
  2. I also need to figure out how to make a clearer distinction between what Ibsen is saying about modernity versus what the other (far more reactionary) writers (Hamsun and Riverton at least) are saying.  Crazy idea, but maybe I can group Ibsen with Fønhus? Nah, that sounds way too far-fetched.
  3. The section on Markens grøde and Skoggangsmand still needs to be linked up with the heterotopia question.
  4. I still need to construct an actual analysis of Jernvognen and link it to the over-arching argument in the chapter. Right now I’m still floundering. In my mind it’s related, but it’s so hard to articulate how and why…

I printed out what I have, in the hopes that maybe after reading through it (yet again…) somehow I’ll achieve some clarity on at least a few of these points.

Also (note to self): need to remember to track down Knud Bergslien’s painting of a shieling (“En Aften ved Sæteren“) for which Ibsen wrote a poem (“Højfjeldsliv“) in 1859. Toril Moi writes about the tableau vivant featuring them both in her modernism book (155-158), but I’m sure there’s much more that needs to be done there…

Okay, it’s Friday evening, and I’m signing off to nurse my sorry brain.

Words written: 799 (argh, just one more stinkin’ word and I would have hit 800!)


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