An Exceptionally Good Day

Today is hands down the best day I have had in months. Two very good things happened.

Item number one: I awoke at about five in the morning with ideas for chapter three of the cabin book revision. I have had virtually zero brain activity for weeks, and this was really starting to worry me. Then somehow during the night I must have had some kind of subconscious breakthrough, and as I lay in bed waking up, a series of six or seven concrete ideas for chapter three came bubbling to the surface. I scribbled them all down, then got up and worked on them intensely throughout the whole day (from home–no distractions!). One of the most crucial but painful changes was deleting the section on Marie Hamsun’s Bygdebørn hjemme og paa Sæteren. I had been back and forth on this numerous times, but without a plan for what to replace it with. This morning I realized the answer was Stein Riverton’s Jernvognen, which I just taught last week in my seminar on crime fiction. It fits perfectly! I deleted the section (2000 words–ouch!) and by the end of the day my word count was back up to what it was before deleting!

I also re-read Når vi døde vågner for the first time in a long time, and that made it much easier to expand and improve the section on it in the chapter. Plus I went through the whole chapter adding the Foucault bits, which I think helped enormously.

Item number two: I got notification that I made it through to the short list for the position at the Ibsen Centre! That means I have a very short turn around for submitting my ten scholarly works (up to 500 pages total) and my teaching/administrative/public outreach dossier (8 October), but I am utterly thrilled to have made it. Self-doubts have really been tormenting me recently, so even though rationally I knew it was unlikely that I wouldn’t be shortlisted, it was hugely encouraging to have this confirmed.

So all in all I am very, very pleased with today. Tomorrow I will have to spend the full day prepping for class, but that’s okay, given today’s progress. I’ll still have half of Wednesday and all of Thursday and Friday to finish the chapter revisions (I need to plug in translations and go back over the Riverton text to mine for quotes–I wrote the section from memory of the text, since my copy is sitting in my office on campus).


Words written: 2014


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