I had some time today to dink around on my computer transferring a couple of important old files from my external hard drive to my (relatively) new laptop. One of the things I was looking for was the material I wrote up last fall on Atle Næss’s Sensommer and Niels Fredrik Dahl’s Henrik og Emilie, and rather unexpectedly I came up with some introductory material for the article I want to write about them. Since my son was at a birthday party, I even had some weekend peace and quiet to draft it. The idea is to look at the two as part of the reconceptualization/reevaluation/commodification/whatever of Ibsen that took place during the Ibsen Year. It’s all too vague at this point to expand upon here, but I think it might just work to frame an analysis of these two texts, both of which feature fictionalizations of the relationship between Henrik Ibsen and Emilie Bardach.

This really is not the project I need to be working on right now, but given how non-productive I’ve been recently, I’m not going to complain. Any progress is progress, right?

Words written: around 500


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