The best intentions

Today I started out with a plan to revise my Ibsen conference paper for publication in the proceedings volume. I hadn’t been able to find my papers from the conference anywhere here at home, so I figured they must be at my office on campus. Just in case they really had vanished, however, I emailed myself a copy of what I thought was the final electronic version of the paper, figuring I could probably just reconstruct my hand-written changes on the manuscript.

Well, I got to work and couldn’t find the papers from the conference (which was back in June, and which concluded only two days before I left for vacation). So I went to open up the file I had emailed myself, and, although it was the latest version, it was also a PDF file. Derp.

I am totally stumped as to what I could have done with the folder of material from the conference, but there’s not much I can do about it now. As it turned out, a Ph.D. proposal I had been asked to evaluate arrived in my mailbox, so I spent some of my day doing that, just so that I could at least accomplish something concrete. Then I went to the library to start reading up on film genre theory in preparation for writing the abstract for the Nordic film genre essay collection. I’m still not totally sure how far I’ll get with this, but I did some thinking about it while walking yesterday, and came up with at least one defining element of the genre classification that I’m proposing.

Words written: none (well, actually, after I first wrote this I sat down and did a little editing on the paper for the proceedings volume, but not enough to produce a meaningful word count).


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