The Philosopher and the Shipping Magnate

I pretty much spent the whole day today on preparing my paper and slides for the (Dis)Comforts seminar. It was an interesting exercise, and I hope the participants get something out of it. I kind of suspect they may be interested in the Arne Næss angle, if nothing else. Plus, it’s just plain fun to compare Arne Næss with Kjell Inge Røkke and conclude that they’re quite similar!

My bag is more or less packed, and I just have to get through a morning seminar on Maurits Hansen, do a few final swipes of polishing, and then head out to London. What fun!

Words written: Not sure. I started out with a bunch, cut a whole bunch, added a whole bunch, and ended up with 11 pages double-spaced, which with the slides should bring me in at the allotted 25-30 minutes of presentation time.


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