It feels like ages since I’ve posted here because I’ve been totally swamped in teaching and other non-research and non-writing tasks. I had to deal with all the things that had been on hold while I finished off the Fruen fra Havet article, and I’m only now starting to regain a modicum of balance.

The last few days brought some interesting new opportunities. I was invited to contribute to a new book on Nordic cinema, which I’m quite excited about. The editors want me to write about what I called “the quirky feel-good” genre in an article a couple of years ago, so I need to put some thought into banging out an abstract for that.

I also offered to step in as a replacement speaker at a seminar at University College London. The seminar is called The (Dis)Comforts of Home: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Energy Use, and the organizers describe it in the following terms:

The (Dis)Comforts of Home is a two-day symposium (13-14 September 2012) exploring how comparative cultural perspectives on the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘comfort’ can help us understand, learn from, and influence the behaviour that drives domestic energy consumption.

I am super excited about the opportunity to participate, though the irony of flying to London from Oslo to participate in a seminar on energy consumption is not lost on me. I am going to use my material on Kjell Inge Røkke’s “hyttepalass” and Arne Næss’ cabin, Tvergastein, to talk more generally about the environmental ethics of Norwegian cabin culture.

What I’m supposed to be doing, of course, is revising the cabin book, but I haven’t quite gotten into the right head space for that, for some reason. I’m hoping that a couple days of interdisciplinary stimulation will somehow jump start my brain.

The other thing I’ve been doing is going to the theater a lot. I’ve now seen all three of the Peer Gynt productions at this year’s Ibsen Festival, and found all three of them really stimulating, though for very different reasons. I saw Disabled Peer (terrible title), which was a workshop with a Q&A afterward rather than a polished production, as well as Peer på en pall by Teater Joker, which I liked a lot (except for the hasty and poorly thought-out final minute). I didn’t find anything that I’m dying to write about, which is totally fine given how many other projects I have on my plate right now.

So for the next two days I need to finish prepping for my Wednesday crime fiction class (we’re doing Maurits Hansen’s Mordet paa Maskinbygger Roolfsen this week) and somehow hammer out a cohesive talk for presenting on Friday.


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