The upsurge from yesterday continued today, and I was able to crank through a whole lot of revisions to the Fruen fra havet article. I spent a lot of time going back to the reviews (and tracking down reviews that I had missed previously), where I found a good deal of material that I was able to use to beef up the section on National Theater productions of the play. 

I still hadn’t received the pictures I had been promised from the National Library, so I sent off a cautious inquiry and was rewarded with the first set of images (from the 1912 production). They are so incredibly cool–I wish I could post a few of them here, but that would be copyright infringement and I don’t want to do my buddy the National Library Archives wrong. So, you’ll just have to use your imagination to conjure up the most over the top Romantic staging of The Lady from the Sea that you can, making sure to mar the illusion by some really awkward technical glitches, like a big seam down the middle of one of the rocks center stage in act two. I can’t wait to see what the next batches of images (supposed to be emailed tomorrow) will reveal.

There were all kinds of other tedious tasks to get through, like tracking down page numbers for citations, translating citations, eliminating unused sources from the bibliography and inserting missing ones, etc. I actually kind of like these kinds of tasks, which are good to do once the creative part of my brain shuts down but I still have a few hours to put in. I figure it all contributes to raising the quality of the final product, so it counts for something, even though it’s pretty mindless stuff.

I have a bit of extra time today because I’m staying in town to catch one of the plays at this year’s Ibsen Festival later tonight. I have an hour commute each way, so it just didn’t make sense to rush home, only to rush back into town. I’ll be seeing a production of Peer Gynt (no Fruen fra havet this year, unfortunately) at the Torshovteater. Actually, I’m always up for Peer Gynt, so I’m really not complaining. It looks like a nice evening, so I think I’m going to walk across town from campus.

Words written: despite an awful lot of cutting, I still ended up adding 741 words. I’m now dangerously close to the upper limit for a standard journal article, with a few more sections to expand, so I’ll definitely need to do a final round of cutting before I submit this thing…


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