Diving in

Arvid Spangberg, 1908

Today I finally worked up the nerve to take a look at the Fruen fra havet article that has languished for so long. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t nearly as dreadful as I had convinced myself that it was. I did a solid chunk of work on it, adding some missing references and polishing about half of it, before having my day taken over by innumerable other small tasks. But really, I don’t think I’m more than a week away for having something polished enough to send to a journal.

I had been thinking of trying Modern Drama since in my eyes that seems like a high-exposure and high-status journal for Ibsen research, but to my great disappointment it is only level one in the Norwegian bean-counting system. So I guess that means I really should submit the article to Ibsen Studies instead, since that generates so many more research points (not that such things will matter once my fellowship runs out, but it’s the principle of the matter). I thought a bit about  maybe trying Nordic Theatre Studies (also at level 2), but as it turns out they only do one issue a year and it always has a theme. Even more unfortunately, both of the last two issues would have been perfect, but the current one won’t work at all. D’oh.

Otherwise, I started the process of figuring out how to get into the national archives (Gyldendal’s archives are housed there)  to look into what they have on Gyldendal’s “hjemkjøp,” which may be relevant for one of the side projects I’m working on. I also proofread a call-for-papers for a colleague of mine, and the conference looks super exciting. It will be here in Oslo next August, and I definitely want to submit something. The topic is the changing history of literary critical reception. And I started reading the article I’m reviewing much more closely than on my first pass through, and am finding it super interesting and relevant. I’ve started compiling a list of the (few, but gaping) holes in the bibliography, and thinking about how to formulate my response. I want to be positive (it is a good article), but uncompromising in my criticism of the specific weaknesses it has.

What a difference a day makes. I’ve been bummed about having to stay home all week and not get anything really accomplished other than reading. I so love actually diving into things and accomplishing something concrete, no matter how small.

Words written: about 500


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