Ramping up

I’ve actually been back at work for three days now, but jet lag and re-entry have knocked me out so much that I haven’t been able to muster the effort to post about my work in progress.

Wednesday was devoted to finishing the final edits on the article I was revising. It was pretty painless, since they were asking for the parenthetical Chicago citation style rather than the footnote version (my article was originally in MLA style). All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, given that I couldn’t afford to invest too terribly much time in an article for a rather obscure proceedings volume. I also got started on revising the job application that’s due next Friday.

Thursday was a tough day following a night of almost no sleep. Since I couldn’t really think, instead I did what seems like busy work, but was actually quite helpful; I went through the Internet Movie Database listing of film and television adaptations of Ibsen plays and compiled lists of various things according to country of origin, date of production, directors and major stars, etc. I am trying to work up a proposal for a new book project, and have settled on film adaptations of Ibsen plays as the subject. It will take quite a bit of sorting and thinking and questioning to come up with more specifics than that, but it was an important first step.

Today I spent many hours working on the job application, including doing a preliminary write up of the film project proposal (just one page for the list of research projects required for the application). The cover letter, CV, and list of publications are pretty close to ironclad. I’ll probably want to go through a few more iterations on the research project list and the list of proposed MA-thesis topics next week. I’m having a colleague in the English program critique it over the weekend, and will be glad to get her feedback next week.

Working on a job application always gets me brooding over my research progress, which I guess is a good thing, though it can be a bit demoralizing too. Sometimes it feels like no matter how much I write and publish it will never be enough. Having to do the research project list did help me clarify what projects I want to work on for the last five four months of my fellowship, and I am actually feeling pretty jazzed about the three smallish projects I want to work on:

  • The first will be finishing the Fruen fra havet article that was giving me fits back in the spring. I just need to get the darned thing submitted, and the goal is submission by the end of September (probably Modern Drama). I need to read Otto Reinert’s 2010 article on Ibsen and Mimesis from Scandinavian Studies.
  • Next up is the left over Dahl and Næss sections that were cut from the Byatt article last fall. It dawned on me that there is enough there to make up an entire article in its own right. I’m not quite sure yet what the proper venue for that one would be. Maybe I should write it in Norwegian and send it to Edda? The goal is the end of December.
  • Then there’s the entirely new project on the Runde/Moen graphic novels about “De fire Store.” There’s a whole bunch of things that I want to look into in connection with that, and I fear it’s going to turn into a rather ungainly beast. But I’m stoked about working on it, especially about the visual material. Since there’s so much (and since there are two more things in front of the queue, not to mention manuscript revisions and bibliography for the cabin book) I’m thinking the end of March 2013 is a realistic goal for completing a draft. I’d love to present on it at the SASS conference in May (if only I actually have a job by then…).

But first off I really need to get grounded and make a serious effort to finalize preparations for the class I’m teaching this fall. I feel totally unprepared for that right now, and I know that the only thing that will help is to actually spend a good chunk of time prepping. So next week will be 2 days of finalizing the application and submitting it, and three full days of class prep.


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