I woke up this morning thinking maybe I need a reference to Munnen i gresset or Ut og stjæle hester and the post-national cabin in the article. It struck me that generally speaking the cabin no longer functions as a home or refuge for the national romance like in the nineteenth century, but rather as a retreat away from the dysfunctional (national) family.

I checked my email and got an okay from the editor of the proceedings volume to add entirely new sections, so I sat right down and started drafting two new analyses. I decided to try with Markens Grøde and Ut og stjæle hester, and by gum I think they’re actually going to work! Unfortunately, I don’t think I have an electronic copy of the cabin book with me, so I’m going to have to draft entirely new writing. But really that’s actually better, since I’ll be writing about these works specifically in relation to the national romance, which I don’t do (yet…?) in the cabin book.

What I need to do next is either integrate the Foucault “heterotopia” idea throughout, or else just eliminate it entirely from the article. I’ll have to ponder that a bit after a full read-through…

Words written: 1162. Yay for an early morning writing bout!


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