Vacation mode

Since I have the entire month of July off (yay for generous social democratic paid vacations!) and am visiting family and friends in the U.S., there won’t be much work activity being posted here. This week I did have a few loose ends to finish up, though:

  • correct proofs for book review
  • make corrections to Bjørnson article
  • make corrections to Byatt article
  • read Bergenstoget plyndret inat (1923)
  • read Jernvognen (1909)

All of these were pretty painless. The corrections are all as of this morning emailed back to their various editors, and both novels, which I will be teaching in my crime fiction course this fall, were totally enjoyable and interesting reads. I’m glad I chose them for the course, as I think there will be a lot to talk about.

I’m still waiting to get the proofs for my long-suffering Frobenius article. The editor sent word a couple of weeks ago that they would be on their way soon, but so far no sign of them. Sigh. Other than that, my only work plan is to continue to fiddle with my job application materials and read the copy of Adaptation and Appropriation (Julie Sanders, 2006) that a friend in Seattle gave me.


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