3569 words of introduction miraculously flowed from my fingers to my iPad today. I have been mulling this over in the back of my mind for something like three years, and have attempted to start writing the book introduction three or four times previously, so I really shouldn’t be surprised. But still. Whoa. I basically have a full draft of the introduction. There’s a theory section that’s missing (the Foucault “heterotopia” material and space/place theory, which I don’t have here at home), but I know pretty much exactly what needs to go there.

I wrote a paragraph right at the end describing my personal reasons for writing this book on this particular subject, which I’m a bit iffy about. Since I’m a foreigner writing about what’s pretty much ground zero of Norwegian culture, I thought it might make sense to situate myself not only theoretically and in terms of the discipline, but also personally. A very senior colleague (basically the biggest name in the field) has promised to read the manuscript, and in our conversations he has emphasized that my outsider position has the potential to bring something new to the field, which is why I’m testing this paragraph out.

Maybe I should attribute my productivity to my magic writing salad? On the days I work from home I usually concoct this:

It’s a good quality tuna in organic olive oil with kalamata olives, white beans and arugula, tossed with the oil from the tuna and a dash of balsamic vinegar. It keeps me going and also keeps me from eating junk food while I read/think/write.

Words written: yup, you read it right, 3569 in a little over three hours of crazed writing


2 responses to “Shazam!

  1. Wow, way to go on the writing productivity! Here’s a question from one of your blog lurkers: what app do you use for writing on your iPad? I recently got an iPad and am still seeking for the best way(s) to use it for writing/work.

    • After exploring a couple of options I finally broke down and paid for the Apple Pages program. It’s pretty bare bones, but works just fine when I’m drafting new material. I don’t like it at all for editing existing material, however. What I usually end up doing is saving the document as a Word file (one of the features that sold me on Pages) and emailing it to myself for further editing on my stationary machine at work.

      The most important thing for me in writing on an iPad is having a wireless keyboard. I just can’t type accurately enough on the on-screen one. I have a Zaggmate keyboard that works great for my purposes.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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