It’s done! I just put the last touches on my first full draft of chapter five. I can hardly even believe that I’m now sitting here with five completed analysis chapters, and only an introduction and a conclusion left to write. Now granted those are going to be tricky, but hot damn! Five completed analysis chapters! That’s like…a book!

I have no idea if it actually works as an example of literary scholarship, or whether it was worth granting me a four-year postdoctoral fellowship to write it, but this book has somehow magically come into being without me really realizing it.

I started my morning’s work by re-watching Villmark. I was not inspired at all, but just forced myself to start writing, and things started to come together as they always miraculously seem to do. I shouldn’t really be surprised, as I’ve been thinking about the film for years, and have known more or less what I wanted to say about it the whole time. Since that came together more easily than I feared, I decided to forge ahead and take a shot at drafting a chapter conclusion. It was really interesting to think about the six texts I ended up with in this chapter collectively, and what I found myself writing was pretty different than what I have in the introduction to the chapter. Clearly I’m going to have to do some revising to bring the two more closely in dialog with each other. But still. A finished chapter draft. Rock on! Ecstatic, me? You bet!

Words written: 2063


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