Well, I spent the entire day yesterday reading all of Christensen’s Maskeblomstfamilien, only to decide that it only merits a brief reference in the chapter, not an entire section. I’m okay with that.

So today I worked on finishing off details in the other analysis sections–I dealt with the Løveid text in a better way, and finished off most of what I want to say about Ut og stjæle hester. I spent a lot of time fretting over what goes in and what goes out of this chapter. I did almost as much cutting as I did writing. It’s been a hard one to pull together (a bit like the onerous chapter 3, though more fun to work on). I think I’ve finally come up with a line up that works (in this order):

  • Lindstrøm: Steinsamlere
  • Larsen: Munnen i gresset
  • Hoel: Når nettene blir lange
  • Nærum: Døde menn går på ski
  • Øie: Villmark
  • Petterson: Ut og stjæle hester

There are interconnecting themes that link all of these: gender, parody, late modern identity… And look, I have gender balance for once!

So all that remains now is to re-watch Villmark tonight, write up the analysis section tomorrow, and try to come up with a conclusion for the chapter. I’m going to have to work from home on the iPad, since I have some family duties to attend to in the early afternoon. I’d really like to manage to add a little over 2000 words, just to bring the chapter in line with the other four in terms of length. I’ll still probably re-read Armand V, just to make sure that I’m making the right decision on leaving it out, but I figure it’s far better to focus on rounding off a cohesive draft at this point than trying to squeeze everything in. I’ve always known that with a project this sweeping you just don’t have room for everything.

The process has been interesting; I think I’ve considered about 6 different novels for possible inclusion over the past two or three weeks. Two of them (Steinsamlere and Munnen i gresset) were automatic yesses, almost before I’d finished reading them, while the other four just didn’t do enough with the cabin as a motif to make it worthwhile to write about. This has taught me that a cabin as a setting just isn’t enough, it has to be activated somehow conceptually in the text for it to work for this analysis.

Other work: lots of meeting time regarding exam grading; small revisions to the book review I did a few weeks ago.

Words written: a balance of 535, after all the cuts


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