Yesterday wasn’t really worth posting about, since all I did was read. But yesterday evening I went out for dinner with a couple of colleagues, and the conversation got me inspired to go back and look at my analysis of Gatas Gynt again today to start getting it into shape for presenting at the Ibsen conference. There really isn’t all that much to do on the analysis itself, but there are a few things I need to change, remove, or polish.

I also had some technical stuff to do–had to make a copy of the film using Handbrake so that I can edit clips for use in my presentation, should I need to. I will need to read through the paper aloud a few times to get a sense of where visuals might be helpful. There’s one sequence with a fairly long voiceover (maybe 60 seconds?) and I would much prefer to show the clip than read the voiceover myself, for example. 

The entire afternoon, however, was scheduled for something else. I was nominated to attend a seminar on leadership at the college (US) or faculty (Norway) level. After 3+ hours at that I’m feeling pretty ambivalent; it really brought home the essential differences between the Norwegian and the American higher education systems, and I have to say that there are things about the Norwegian system that I find almost unworkable, at least from the perspective of administration/leadership. I’ll have to do a lot more thinking.

Words written: I didn’t keep track, as it was editing. I started with a 10-page document and am now at a much tighter 8 1/2 pages.


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