Chugging along

Success! Today was another good writing day, and made up for yesterday’s doldrums. I spent the entire day on writing up an analysis of Når nettene blir lange, and ended up with quite a bit of material. The key was figuring out two overarching and related points that I wanted to make about the film. Once those were in place, it was pretty simple to go through the scenes that I wanted to discuss and show how they support those points. I was also able to get som mileage (er…verbiage?) out of contrasting the film with Vinterberg’s Festen.

There’s actually a ton more to say about the film, but not very much more about the cabin per se. That’s good news for me, because I’m hoping to put together an article on the film for a special Christmas-themed issue of the Journal of Scandinavian Cinema. But for now I’m calling the section on this film done. The plan for the weekend is to get as much novel (re-)reading done as possible so that I can work on writing up the final two (three?) analysis sections next week. It would be great if I could wrap up this chapter by next Friday, though that may be overly ambitious.

I also wanted to state that I had yet another cluster of really helpful conversations with some of my incredibly supportive colleagues today. I cannot possibly praise them highly enough for their concern and moral support throughout my entire time here. My colleagues are hands down the very best thing about this fellowship experience. That is so rare in academia, so I feel very privileged to be here, even though it’s only for a four-year period.

Words written: 2463, which puts me well over my week’s goal of 6000 words, and brings the total for the entire cabin book to 58,117


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